Our Story

How it started

Our founder Richard Owen-Thomas, with over 30 years of experience in the retail industry decided he wanted to use his extensive knowledge of retail to fulfil his dream of leaving a legacy for his family and pushing for a more sustainable society by starting an eco-friendly, non-toxic fragrance brand. In partnership with his son, the two created a family-run brand that aims to create more sustainable, locally produced fragrance products. The ethos of the brand is progression and sustainability: striving for a minimal environmental impact with processing and packaging, and seeking to create unique, natural, and high-quality fragrances that customers fall in love with.

Where are we now?

After spending two years on research diving into the depths of fragrance blends, we carefully curated 18 unique fragrances out of which we finally selected our first product to launch with—Evocative. This vanilla, floral-based fragrance is a one-of-a-kind mixture that evoques sophistication and a breadth of fresh air.

What we got right?

We're in love with Evocative's aroma and we hope you are too. We use sustainably sourced sugar-cane ethanol, non-allergenic ingredients, and vegetable oil as a more ethical alternative to palm oil. It’s no secret that sustainable sourcing can be hard work, and we are really proud of the integrity of our product. As we continuously work towards reducing our eco footprint, we are committed to planting a tree for every product we sell, in partnership with One Tree Planted.

What we believe needs work?

We love the influence of our African roots in our ingredients and design, however, we are committed towards achieving an even more sustainable bottle and box packaging. In our next release, we aim to make our box makeup 100% recyclable and reduce our plastic use as much as possible. If you have any feedback or contacts for sustainable product packaging, please reach out, we would love your feedback.

Where to next?

With our successful launch of Evocative, we are in the process of increasing our product range to include a broad range of fragrances. As proud South Africans, we strive towards consolidating our production process in South Africa. We hope to grow the brand with deep local roots, so that we can create local jobs and provide an eco-conscious fragrance alternative for our communities. With every new release, we aim to become more local, reduce our environmental impact, and provide a top-quality product to consumers who share these same values (and have a good nose for well-balanced fragrances).